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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Jewelry Fair

I confess, in RL, I am not a big fan of jewelry. In SL though, things are a little bit different. My avatar gets to wear the best of the best. This time, new sets from Dark Mouse and je suis, especially for the Jewelry Fair (Sept. 16-25). I'd say it's worth a visit ;-)

The hair is from Hazzard and the skin is the new Chloe from Belleza. As usual, I used Strawberry Singh's windlight setting, but I also played a bit with curves.


Skin and hair base: Belleza Chloe Mocha (cleavage) Group gift + Chloe Mocha Dark hair (Tricky Boucher)
Eyelashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::Josje:: EyeLashes (Iki Ikarus)
Hair:  Hazzard -Aruba- Rusty Black Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Jewelry #1: Dark Mouse@jewelry fair Whirling Dervishes Silver necklace, earrings (Mouse Mimistrobell)
Jewelry #2: je suis@jewelry fair Leah::necklace, earrings ::JF2011 (Julia Merosi)
Dress: SLC Couture Gown Yara black (Serina Lacava)
Pose: Glitterati 001 (Katey Coppola)


I am wearing a very cute jewelry set from Vincenca Rosca. I love that both gems and metal are color changeable. This means I can match its colors with the ones of my B&G boots. Both items are available at Designer circle starting with Sept. 19th. For full credits, read below.

VR jewelry Mina SLC

SLC B&G Mina

Hair:  MINA Hair - Antje - LB04 (Mina Nakamura)
Dress:  SLC Jeans Dress red (Serina Lacava)
Jewelry: VR Jewellery Garden of Fantasy @ Designer Circle (Vincenca Rosca)
Boots: B&G:  designer circle 14th collection T2023 @ Designer Circle (BG Planer)
Poses: Glitterati 113,120 (Katey Coppola)
Location: Rue D'Antibes

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Sometimes I find myself having the best accessories from the grid. Like, one of the new releases of je suis, the iconique waist belt. Every color allows you infinite combinations of accents, metal and studs. So I'm not kidding when I say the sky is the limit - or, better said - your imagination! Here comes the hard part though: I had nothing to wear. Doh! It's so difficult to find a good dress that is not overloaded with details. So I made one ;)


I'm also wearing my favorite curly hair from Hazzard and splendid pearls from *Milady's*.

Skin & cleavage: Laqroki (Mallory Cowen)
Eyeliner:  B[u]Y Me Lashes and Eyeliner (Ngel Vella)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Hazzard  -Blossom- Blonde Hair (Shiva India)
Belt: je suis iconique::waist belt::black new (Julia Merosi)
Nails: *Milady's* - Prim Nails- French White with Ribbon v2.0 (Luana Juliesse)
Jewelry: *Milady's* -Dark Touch- Black Pearls (Luana Juliesse)
Dress: Aggressione -Kate- Mini Dress White new (Corina Carlberg)

Sunday, August 21, 2011


This posts has a looot of goodies. First the hair. Both are free: one on the marketplace and the second is a group gift from a new to me store, (love).
On top of that, tomorrow starts the 12th round of Designer Circle. Let me just say you do NOT want to miss this! Awesome stuff for under 100L$ and even dollarbies. And I am only showing two complete outfits. Can it get any better than that? Here's your taxi to Designer Circle

designer circle 12 round#2

designer circle 12 round#1

Credits look#1:
Skin: HUIT GinaDeeptan-LightEyebrows with Cleavage(HB) new (Mikoto Lisa)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: AA Pax Hair Rustbrown free on marketplace (Alice Klinger)
Shoes: Milady's -Mouna- Extra High Heels Black Sandals (Luana Juliesse)
Glasses: !!!!Bitchy Chickzzz!!!! ::BC:: Spike glasses (Lex Xstar) @ Designer Circle
Watch: B&G Reloj ZH001 - Naranja/Oro /Copy/No Trans @ Designer Circle
Dress: E-Clipse MaddleneDress (Thetra Blackheart) @ Designer Circle
Pose: Glitterati Hips 1 (Katey Coppola)

Credits look#2:
Skin, eyes, glasses: same
Hair: (love) hair - native [fatpack] Please Make This in SL group gift (Mae Liamano)
Necklace: Twisted and spoiled Rosary Necklace (Phia Vaughan)
Outfit: *Crank Design* New Outfit Dina (Inge73 Rang) @ Designer Circle
Pose: Glitterati 203 (Katey Coppola)

This Time

Moniq told me to start blogging again. So here I am! The point of blogging is to make an outfit right? Right?! Well I am all dressed up yet stuck at the choice of nails! How can I possibly select between so many options when I have the new nails from je suis. Five per color group! Metallic or french! Seriously now, should I pick the metallic version in purple?

blog julia metallic

Or maybe the french ones in blue?

blog julia french

And please, don't tell me you'd pick photo no#1 just because of the cleavage. Speaking of which, you should totally check out HUIT's new skin release. Or the Tiger makeup! I just love the dramatic effect it gives to the eyes. I am wearing it ever since I got it :P The hair I am wearing is offered by Mina Nakamura and is only available at the Headquarter, for a special price.

Skin: HUIT Skin-GinaDeeptan-LightEyebrows, Skin-GinaDeeptan-LightEyebrows with Cleavage(HB) new (Mikoto Lisa)
Makeup: HUIT Eyeliner TigerPurple new (Mikoto Lisa)
Hairbase: DUTCH TOUCH Hairbase V2 Black - SL2.0 Tattoo Layer (Iki Ikarus)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: MINA Hair Aislinn - Charcoal new (Mina Nakamura) @ Headquarter
Nails: je suis naive Nails v.2::BASIC NAILS , je suis...naive v.2 METALLIC purples HUD, je suis...naive v.2 GLOSSY FRENCH I blues HUD new (Julia Merosi)
Necklace: je suis une princesse::Necklace (Julia Merosi)
Dress: Aggressione coming soon (Corina Carlberg)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
Song of the moment: This Time by Pia Toscano

Friday, July 22, 2011

One Year

Over a year ago, I was persuaded by a friend to start a fashion blog. I am glad I did it because I learned a lot and made new friends. You know who you are, thank you for being there for me :)

And even after so much time, I still like dressing up and taking photos. Today I'm dressed to kill! The overknee boots from Milady's are my favourite these days and I haven't taken them off since I got them. Don't forget to update your landmarks because Milady's has moved to a new sim.
The daring pose used in this picture was created by fellow blogger Sawa Gothly.


The sexy black dress and the skin are still discounted till tomorrow at Designer Circle so run while you still can! The catchy jewelry jewelry from je suis and the lovely hair is from Mina Hair. Here's your taxi to designer circle. Happy shopping!

Persuasive #2


Skin: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Alana - Smooth Brown Designer Circle (CrusHer Mills)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Mina Hair - Doortje - Storm new (Mina Nakamura)
Jewelry: je suis ::eternelle:: new (Julia Merosi)
Boots: Milady's -Persuasive- Pirate Lady - Overknees Boots, new (Luana Juliesse)
Dress: :::Mu-Shi Doll::: Amber Black Designer Circle (CrusHer Mills)
Poses: Hullabaloo "Lilly" pack- Lilly 01 new (Sawa Gothly), Glitterati 208 (Katey Coppola)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today's Look

I decided to share today's look with you. The hair is not-yet-released from Mina Hair and I think it's absolutely flirty. I started the outfit from a red leather jacket now discounted at Designer Circle (hurry! today is the last day).
The red color screamed for more red, so I put on the red leather pants from Vextra. That's really a keeper for me.
I wanted contrast so I decided to make something instead of searching my inventory :) The bra and bikini are the newest release at Aggressione, and this time I made it a group gift. All you need to do is join Aggressione group to get it for free. And if you have no group spots left, you can get it on marketplace for a mere L$1.

Look June 25#1

The beautiful colorful jewelry is from je suis, which recently turned 1 year old! Congrats Julia!
The shoes are a perfect match to what I'm wearing, again they are discounted at the Designer Circle until today. Here's your taxi. Happy shopping!

Look June 25#2


Skin: Laqroki (Mallory Cowen)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Lashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Eyelashes (Iki Ikarus)
Hair: Mina Hair Tinke Vanilla-not yet released (Mina Nakamura)
Jewelry: je suis asymetrique::all colors::necklace (Julia Merosi)
Sandals: E-Clipse - SummerExplosion Shoes Red/Yellow, Designer Circle (Thetra Blackheart)
Jacket: *Mayden Couture* - Trisha Jacket red Designer Circle (Mayden Ushimawa)
Swimsuit: Aggressione -Fresh- Bikini Lime group gift, Aggressione (Corina Carlberg)
Pants: **VEXTRA FASHION** "Zipped Leather" Hotpants - Red 1 (Vextra Messing)
Poses: Juxtapose Glam. Life 5 new (Rain Laval)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

CH1C and Shoes!

Or should I say shoes and CH1C? You probably realized I'm going to show you some shoes at this point. Yep. NX-Nardcotix has released fabulous sandals in various colors and I found my way into creating an outfit around them. With them. Ehmm... Actually I put on a dress from Thalia ;)
The superb jewelry set is by je suis, celebrating CHIC Management's first birthday with an exclusive release. In fact every item at CH1C is reduced so I'd give it a try teleport. Expect some serious Linden losses! :)


And here's a closeup of my new shoes! Aren't they gorgeous?




Skin: Laqroki Vilda [Peach], old subscribeo gift (Mallory Cowen)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich Ivanna Black R
Jewelry set: ::je suis::chic::Set:: CH1C EXCLUSIVE, R@ CH1C (Julia Merosi)
Bangles: ::je::suis:: asymetrique::reds::bangles (Julia Merosi)
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix MANA Rosa Maria Black, Fire new, R (Nardya Rousselot)
Dress: Thalia - Dare Me Dress w/Boots - Black/Red gift (Thalia Tal)
Pose: Juxtapose Stronger 1, 2 (Rain Laval)
R-Promotional Copies

Monday, June 6, 2011

Designer Circle

Check out the new discounted goodies at the 6th round of Designer Circle (new location), which lasts until 11 June. Grab them before they are gone!
I accesorized the sexy dress from Mu-Shi Doll with the very detailed earrings from BeautyCode, also a Designer Circle item and with a beautiful necklace from Dark Mouse.


Or if you prefer casual, you can choose the silver outfit from Mu-Shi Doll. I particularly love the detail on the top. And if THAT isn't enough, there is pink awesome stuff, like the sandals from Mayden Couture. I am wearing my Ainda hair from Hazzard to go because it's pink! (Can you tell I love pink?)


And finally the top from Time4Fashion is my absolute favorite (again... pink) and the beautiful jewelry set from VR Jewellery is a total winner, metal and color change! Full credits below.



Skin: AL VULO! - elena* inuit group gift (Hlin Bluebird)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Lashes: :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Eyelashes (Iki Ikarus)
Hair pic #1: Beautiful Dirty Rich Akhesa Hair Blonde new, R
Hair pic #2,3: Hazzard -Ainda- Pink Hair new, group gift (Shiva India)
Necklace pic #1: Dark Mouse Steeplechase Pearl Necklace - Silver (Mouse Mimistrobell)
Earrings pic #1: .::BeautyCode::. Triangle Prism Earrings PURPLE Designer Circle, R (JaneDark Miles)
Jewelry pic #2,3: VR Jewellery Celtic Knots boxed 99 Designer Circle, R (Vincenca Rosca)
Sandals: *Mayden Couture* - Venice sandals, Designer Circle, R (Mayden Ushimawa)
Outfit pic #1: Mu-Shi Doll Mell dress Designer Circle (zeljkogirl Solo)
Outfit pic #2: Mu-Shi Doll B/W jeans with white destroy top Designer Circle, R (zeljkogirl Solo)
Top pic #3: Time4Fashion TOP CUTE pink plaid Designer Circle, R (Tom Cosmos)
Poses: Juxtapose Still Breathing 2, still Breathing 5, Munchkin 2 new, R (Rain Laval)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New skin at HUIT and awesome Exile hair

HUIT has moved to a new location and is launching a fresh face "Ava". If you like subtle then Ava is for you. It comes in 3 skin tones with darker and lighter eyebrows, with and without cleavage. Obviously I went for the lighter eyebrows since I am wearing the new blonde hair, group gift from Exile. I love this new trend with roots, the look is so natural!
Here's your taxi to HUIT. Don't forget the two lucky board prizes (skin and makeup) and the reopening gift (pasties in the shape of a heart).



Skin: HUIT SKIN-AvaLight/Sepia/Tan-LightEyebrows&Cleavage (Mikoto Lisa)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Lashes :: DUTCH TOUCH ::IsiS:: Eyelashes (Iki Ikarus)
Hair: ::Exile:: Kumiko (Top):Darksand subscribeo gift (Kavar Cleanslate)
Jewelry: Samsara - Splendor Solis - Spring (Felicity Winslet)
Dress: *Aggressione* -Leda- Mini Dress Purple (Corina Carlberg)
Pose: Posies Chris Tall (Anatalia Honi)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Decisions decisions...

I don't know for others, but for me weekend means shopping. I really really wanted a new hair. And that is always a tough decision for me. Luckily, I happened to stumble upon this fab new hair from A&A so I'm all good now. But the dress... well that is a whole different story. I made it ;) And I put a lot of options in it. It comes with a fishnet top, a pair of stockings (you have to got to love these), a bra, a corset and a miniskirt! Oh and let's not forget the panties. I just looooove those panties. For a limited time it is discounted to only L$99 on marketplace and it comes in red, black and white. The beautiful jewelry is from Dark Mouse.





Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: A&A Kimba Hair Dark Rose (Alice Klinger) new
Necklace and earrings: Dark Mouse Anzac Necklace, Earrings - Copper new (Mouse Mimistrobell)
Bracelets: Dark Mouse White Pearl Flower Bracelets new (Mouse Mimistrobell)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Silver (Bax Coen)
Dress: *Aggressione* -Gina- Mini Dress Red, Black, White new (Corina Carlberg)
Poses: Glitterati 33, 1, BCA2 (Katey Coppola)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Swan Dress

When Leda the swan comes in the shape of a dress, you just have to wear it. For a limited time, *Aggressione* -Leda- Mini Dress Black comes at L$99. You won't regret owning this see through little number ;)


Accessories are from Milady's Jewelry and you should not miss the opportunity of grabbing the fabulous Exuberance sandals at just L$65 in all colors. Today only, so hurry!



Skin: * BeciLia * LiLy A3 (Selen Maven) April gift
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: [elikatira] Blind - Black 04 (Elikapeka Tiramisu)
Necklace: Milady's -Har'ru- Onyx Necklace v2.0 (Luana Juliesse)
Bracelets: Milady's -Night Veil- Bracelets (Luana Juliesse)
Dress: *Aggressione* -Leda- Mini Dress Black new (Corina Carlberg)
Sandals: Milady's -Exuberance- Extra High Heels Sandals [All colors] new (Luana Juliesse)
Poses: Glitterati 51, 67 -model pack 1-10 (Katey Coppola)

Thursday, April 28, 2011


My look of the day started with the beautiful bow shaped earrings from Dark Mouse. Seriously, you have got to love how detailed they are! And while I'm less online, I did see the new releases from GizzA. And wow, trust me when I say they are superb.


I'm wearing the summer outfit made of crochet. The way Giz Seorn plays with colors is incredible. See for yourself! Beware though, you might leave broke from that store ;) You've been warned :P



Skin and cleavage: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Willow - Pink Shine + Optional Cleavage (CrusHer Mills) Designer Circle, discounted until April 30
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Dark Mouse Kate/Red4 (Mouse Mimistrobell)
Earrings: Dark Mouse Pearls Forever Earrings - Green Bow new R (Mouse Mimistrobell)
Bangles: je suis asymetrique::bangles::all colors new (Julia Merosi)
Outfit: **GizzA** - Flower Children Outfits I new R (Giz Seorn)
Wedges: G Field Wedge Tong Sandal "Sunny" -lime- (Cerberus Noel)
Pose: Diesel Works HappyHolidays2 -old hunt item by Diesel Works (Rogan Diesel)
Location found on Lila Quander's photostream ;) totoronomori-Spring

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Misty Look

I discovered in my never ending inventory, Ayla's Misty dress. It's just smashing paired with the necklace from Dark Mouse. I mean those pearls, they're flowing ehmmm... you get the idea :P But I know you were only looking at my new sunglasses from je suis ;)

closeup-ayla-dark-mouse-je suis

The shoes are discounted at Designer Circle. So hurry, what are you waiting for, to make that perfect Easter gift?



Skin and cleavage: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Willow - Pink Shine + Optional Cleavage (CrusHer Mills) Designer Circle
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Beautiful Dirty Rich Roxana Hair Red new, R
Necklace: Dark Mouse Pearls Forever - VIP Group Gift (Chest) (Mouse Mimistrobell) new
Sunglasses: je suis divine sunglasses (Julia Merosi) new, R
Nails: Milady's - Prim Nails- Purple (Luana Juliesse)
Shoes: *Mayden Couture* - Naomi heeled sandals, Designer Circle, R (Mayden Ushimawa)
Dress: Ayla's - Misty dress - purple (Ayla Verity) R
Pose: Diesel Works DIMH2-3F (Rogan Diesel), ks2cool Pose66-70
R-Promotional Copies

Is It Summer Yet?

Easter makes me also dream at summer time... And if you are like me, you should really take advantage of the discounted items at the Designer Circle, which is now at its 4th Collection (18 - 30 April 2011). You can never have enough bikinis in your inventory. The skin is also deeply discounted, just 90 L$ and it comes with an optional cleavage. And for summer, it's not an option, it's a must!
The wedges in all colors by Milady's and the new bangles from je suis compliment the whole look.
Here's your taxi to Designer Circle.

Je suis Nici BeautyCode Milady's


Skin and cleavage: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Willow - Pink Shine + Optional Cleavage (CrusHer Mills) Designer Circle, R just 90 L$
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: A&A Amnesha Hair Lightblonde (Alice Klinger) promotion on marketplace
Necklace: .::BeautyCode::. Long Pearl Necklace (JaneDark Miles) R
Bangles: je suis asymetrique::blues::bangles (Julia Merosi) new, R
Shoes: Milady's -Envy- Wedge Heels Sandals [all colors] (Luana Juliesse)
Bikini: BodyCult Tattoos & Lingerie Immerschoen Lingerie/Bikini Set Janine blue# Special Price (nici Sewell) Designer Circle, R
Pose: Glitterati 201 -model pack 21 (Katey Coppola)
Location: Costa Rica
R-Promotional Copies

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Hold Your Breath

If my blog had real feelings it would probably scream at me and ask me what the hell have I been up to. I would say, Dear blog, I missed you a lot. That thing that we call "Real Life" has kept me away from you. But I promise you, you won't be left alone.
I've been also creating, which took most of my SL hours. And it's been loads of fun. My second dress is a delicate and classy dress made of lace with a satin bow on the back.


For a limited time, it is available for just L$99 on the marketplace. It includes the dress on all possible layers (I'm a fashionista you know!), black panties also on all layers (I hate panties on one layer because I cannot use them with another piece of clothing) and of course the prim attachments (the bow and the sleeves).
Get your copy while you can, because every girl should have a classy lace dress in her inventory ;)


Skin: -Lara Hurley Skin- Aimee (Lara Hurley)
Hair: Hazzard -Sin- Midnight Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Necklace: Milady's -Night Veil- Necklace (Luana Juliesse)
Nails: Milady's -Prim Nails- Black (Luana Juliesse)
Sunglasses: Kalnins Violetta
Dress: Aggressione -Liz- Lace Dress Black new, PROMO (Corina Carlberg)
Poses: Glitterati from model pack 1-10 (Katey Coppola)

Friday, April 1, 2011


Just when I felt uninspired, I found myself dressed in red from top to bottom. Even my je suis eyelashes have red little hearts.


The hair in the second picture as well as the jewelry set are from MINA, as part of the Glance Front Row event. Details can be found here. For full credits, read below.



Skin: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Chloe – Berry (CrusHer Mills)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Eyelashes: je suis Apparence::Lashes:: No.002 (Julia Merosi)
Hair: Hazzard -Khali- Cocoa Brown Hair v2.0 (Shiva India),
Mina HairFashion - Saartje - Rose light tipped RFL 2011 new (Mina Nakamura)
Jewelry: MINA Bijoux - Pearlset - RFL 2011 new (Mina Nakamura)
Shoes: Milady's -Envy- Wedge Heels Sandals [all colors] (Luana Juliesse)
Outfit: Spirit Store - Matilda overal red new (Spirit Osmus)
Poses: Glitterati 191,197 -model pack 20 Pre-Pose fair sale, ends April 15th (Katey Coppola)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I confess this is me blogging after a long long time. And this post isn't just any post, it features a dress *I* made! Aggressione Glitter Dress is the little black dress you wouldn't want to take it off because it's flirty and it's fun! And most of all, it's black.
And if you aren't into black, you can try out the other colors I made. The pink version of the dress is FREE. Check out the sexy pics my friend LisaMun Aronowicz took

Aggressione Glitter Dress black

The skin and jewelry I'm wearing are on discount at the Designer Circle. The necklace is color change by HUD so you get tons of variations. Hurry, this ends on April 2nd. Also, don't forget the sale at Glitterati. For full credits, see below.


Skin: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Chloe – Berry Designer Circle, L$90 (CrusHer Mills)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: ChiChickie! ChiChickie! Marilyn 2 – Ash with Blue Ceramic Flower Hairsticks by NW Nights subscribeo gift (Chiana Meredith)
Necklace: VR Jewellery Mystic Stonehenge Necklace long Designer Circle, L$99 (Vincenca Rosca)
Earrings: .::BeautyCode::. Diamond Hoop Earring / Silver Designer Circle, L$90 (JaneDark Miles)
Dress: *Aggressione* Glitter Dress Black new (Corina Carlberg. Yes me! I made it!)
Pose: Glitterati 209 -model pack 20 Pre-Pose fair sale, ends April 15 (Katey Coppola)
Location: SOHO New York

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Always Trust

"The best proof of love is trust."  (Joyce Brothers)

Mara is wearing:

Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins Bare Essentials 2 -Caramel
Eyes: REDGRAVE Eyes Moon Python Green
Hair: Amacci Hannah&Howie Hair group gift
Earrings: Equs:: Indie
Lip piercing: iNKZ Kiss Me Flo, custom made
Belly piercing: BODYWEAR JEWELRY -Belly Piercing - Hot Wife
Ring: Beloved Jewelry Forever Engagement -Wedding Ring Combo F (Silver)
Jacket: *^The Death^* Rock StarJacket
Gloves: SZD Fashion :SZD: REVOLUTION GLOVES, part of :SZD: Revolution (Woman Outfit)
Pants: aDIVA Couture Selina Leather Jeans Usual Cut with lace panties

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I guess today is the day to wear a dress. So I've put on a long romantic gown from VERO MODERO and it is lovely! It's the perfect outfit for dancing the night away at Avilion.

Vero Modero Geo Gown Blue


Skin: HUIT Emma Tan(04)w/Liner new (Mikoto Lisa)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Hazzard -Whispers- Bordeaux Red Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Necklace and earrings: Milady's -Extravaganzza- Plat Necklace and Earrings with Precious Stones (Luana Juliesse)
Shoes: Milady's -Nostalgia- Extreme Heels Shoes (all colors) new (Luana Juliesse)
Dress: VERO MODERO / Geo Gown Blue new, R (Bouquet Babii)
Pose: Exposeur -TM Spr. '11 Makeover - Brittani new, 50L$ on marketplace (RubyStarlight Writer)
Location: Avilion
R-Promotional Copies


I am wearing a new creation from GizzA and I really love the fluffy miniskirt. It's one of those dresses you wear dancing! I paired it with a wonderful set of jewelry from Milady's - I love their bracelets, there's a unique style to it that I could recognize anywhere.


And if that wasn't enough, I have new shoes - also from Milady's! I made a photo just for them because, well in all seriousness, they deserve at least the same attention as the dress. For full credits, read below.

Milady's Nostalgia


Skin: HUIT Emma Tan(04)w/Liner new (Mikoto Lisa)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Hazzard -Whispers- Bordeaux Red Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Jewelry set: Milady's -Euphoria- Platinum jewelry set (Luana Juliesse)
Shoes: Milady's -Nostalgia- Extreme Heels Shoes (all colors) new, R (Luana Juliesse)
Dress: **GizzA** Twisted Dress [Beige] new, R (Giz Seorn)
Poses: Posies ANTM Kayla (Anatalia Honi), Exposeur -TM Spr. '11 Makeover - Alexandria new, 50L$ on marketplace (RubyStarlight Writer)
Location: Venetia
R-Promotional Copies

Monday, March 14, 2011


I must say I'm quite impressed with the fresh new face of HUIT. Mikoto Lisa has outdone herself in creating this skin. I really love it!
"Emma" comes in three skin tones and 5 makeups with or without eyeliner (I'm wearing the skin with the eyeliner option). Chloe skin's add-ons are also fit Emma. There is a discount of half-price till today 0:00pm (Japan time). There are two skins in the luckyboard and I blogged one of them here.

HUIT Emma Light

HUIT Emma Tan


Skin: HUIT Emma Light, Emma Tan new, R (Mikoto Lisa)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Mina HairFashion Janna Depraved hunt gift women (Mina Nakamura)
Corset: ~Blacklace~ Midnight Affair: Scarlet Satin Corset (Mariska Simons)
Poses: Posies (Anatalia Honi)

je suis

The talented Julia Merosi of je suis received the GLANCE fashion award in the "best newcomer" category, and is celebrating this with a 60% sale that ends 18th March.
je suis is also taking part to several events, the Pure Juice event (March 5-26), the Fashion For Life (March 12-22) and the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (March 16-April 10). I am showing you some of the items available at these events but there are many more.

Je suis


Skin: HUIT *LB*HUIT-SKIN-ArabicMakeup01 lucky board, new (Mikoto Lisa)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Mina HairFashion Janna Depraved hunt gift women (Mina Nakamura)
Necklace: je suis ::aimee::necklace long Pacific Crisis Fundraiser (Julia Merosi)
Earrings: je suis precieuse earhoops Pure Juice (Julia Merosi)
Bangles: je suis magnifique grey Fashion For Life (Julia Merosi)
Corset: VEXTRA FASHION - "Zipped Leather" Hotpants & Corset - Black (Vextra Messing)
Pose: Posies ANTM Lexie (Anatalia Honi)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh

Friday, March 11, 2011

Let There Be Spring

I wish spring was here already! Trying to tempt it with a pretty dress from VEXTRA FASHION, and as always, the design is perfect.


The cute top and both poses are from [ILAYA] and are now available at discounted price at .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle.



Skin: -Glam Affair- Mary -Green- Tan- E/Bl/A group gift (Aida Ewing)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Mina HairFashion Janna Depraved hunt gift women (Mina Nakamura)
Jewelry pic#1: Milady's -RE- Platinum/Gold set v2.0 (Luana Juliesse)
Necklace pic#2: Milady's -Sparkle- Silver Necklace v2.0 free (Luana Juliesse)
Earrings pic#2: Milady's -Sparkle- Silver Earrings v2.0 (Luana Juliesse)
Bracelets pic#2: Milady's -Resonance- Onyx Bracelet with White Pearls R (Luana Juliesse)
Dress pic#1: VEXTRA FASHION - "Margarita" Halter Dress - Blue R (Vextra Messing)
Top pic#2: [ILAYA] - Hang Top [Baby] 2 Style Designer Circle, 60L$ (Ilaya Allen)
Poses: [ILAYA] Girl Pose 4, 5 Designer Circle, 60L$ (Ilaya Allen)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
Location: Eebus Lost Village
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Three Looks

Really, what can be better than to login on a Friday. Lots of events and hunts going on. Mina HairFashion has awesome flirty hair in the Depraved and Luckless Hunt (10-30 March). More info about it here.
-Glam Affair- is giving the new Mary skin in a special green make-up for St. Patrick's day. The green makeup looks great with the pink new outfit from Spirit Store! And if you need to shop on a budget, don't forget the .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle. You won't be disappointed!





Skin: -Glam Affair- Mary -Green- Natural - E/BR/B group gift (Aida Ewing)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Mina HairFashion Janna Depraved hunt gift women (Mina Nakamura)
Nails pic#1: Milady's - Prim Nails- French Pink with Ribbon v2.0 (Luana Juliesse)
Necklace pic#2&3: Milady's -Sparkle- Silver Necklace v2.0 free (Luana Juliesse)
Bracelets: .::BeautyCode::. Crystal Bracelets Designer Circle, 1L$ (JaneDark Miles)
Earrings: .::BeautyCode::. Jayne Black/Pink Hoops (JaneDark Miles)
Top pic#1: Spirit Store - Love top/pink new, R (Spirit Osmus)
Skirt pic#1: Spirit Store - Love skirt/pink new, R (Spirit Osmus)
Dress pic#2: Mu-Shi Doll Sin Black Designer Circle, 80L$ (Zeljkogirl Solo)
Dress pic#3: GLAMOUR VALENTINE lilac Designer Circle, 99L$ (Diadra Decosta)
Poses: Glitterati Jewelry 1, Swimsuit 7, 9 (Katey Coppola)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
Location: MINA
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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Destiny

I think my photo doesn't do justice to the outfit I'm wearing today, again from GizzA. You'd have to see for yourself how the dress flows. The jewelry is from Milady's, called My Destiny. It's beautiful!

GizzA Hazzard Milady's


Skin: Belleza Melissa Tan group gift (cleavage), still in group notices (Tricky Boucher)
Hair: Hazzard -Khali- Cocoa Brown Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Jewelry set: Milady's -My Destiny- Gold with Diamonds jewelry set (Luana Juliesse)
Dress: **GizzA** Waves Dream / Abstract Golden R (Giz Seorn)
Pose: Glitterati Swimsuit 8 (Katey Coppola)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
Location: Forgotten City
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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Designer Circle

.::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle (formerly The Couturiers Loft) offers weekly deeply discounted products. This week starts on 7 March and ends on 19 March.
Taxi to .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle.




Credits pic #1:

Skin: .::BeautyCode::. Skin Joice - Dream Dark (CrusHer Mills) Designer Circle, R
Eyes: Poetic Colors - pc eyes by LL - frozen night - medium (Lano Ling)
Hair: Hazzard -Flurry- Cocoa Brown Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Necklace: Mu-Shi Doll Silver Emerald Necklace (JaneDark Miles) Designer Circle, R
Bracelets: VR Jewellery Golden Tempation Bracelet small Designer Circle, R
Outfit: *elymode* Estrela red (Elysium Eilde)
Pose: Glitterati Jewelry 6 (Katey Coppola)

Credits pic #2:

Skin: Apple May Designs Katey - Carmel - past gift (Apple May)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - pc eyes by LL - frozen night - medium (Lano Ling)
Lipstick: HUIT~LIPSTICK-CUTIE01 (Mikoto Lisa)
Hair: Amacci Hair Coralee ~ Ash Blond new (Carina Larsen)
Necklace: Mu-Shi Doll Silver Emerald Necklace (JaneDark Miles) Designer Circle, R
Boots: Milady's -Magic Time- Black Ankle Boots with Fur (Luana Juliesse)
Outfit: Sascha's Designs Dakota Designer Circle, R (Sascha Frangilli)
Pose: Glitterati 092 (Katey Coppola)

Credits pic #3:

Skin: Belleza Alyson MED Group gift HB (cleavage) past group gift (Tricky Boucher)
Hair: Hazzard -Flurry- Blonde Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Necklace: Milady's -Sparkle- Gold Necklace v2.0 (Luana Juliesse) free
Outfit: Abia Capalini design kate grey (Abia Capalini) Designer Circle, R
Pose: Glitterati 135 (Katey Coppola)
Windlight setting in all pics: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
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