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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Destiny

I think my photo doesn't do justice to the outfit I'm wearing today, again from GizzA. You'd have to see for yourself how the dress flows. The jewelry is from Milady's, called My Destiny. It's beautiful!

GizzA Hazzard Milady's


Skin: Belleza Melissa Tan group gift (cleavage), still in group notices (Tricky Boucher)
Hair: Hazzard -Khali- Cocoa Brown Hair v2.0 (Shiva India)
Jewelry set: Milady's -My Destiny- Gold with Diamonds jewelry set (Luana Juliesse)
Dress: **GizzA** Waves Dream / Abstract Golden R (Giz Seorn)
Pose: Glitterati Swimsuit 8 (Katey Coppola)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
Location: Forgotten City
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