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Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's All In The Background

Alysha Rennahan is to blame for this post. The theme "It's All In The Background" allowed me to return to Tempura Island, a place that I don't get to visit as often as I should. The music is so relaxing and the scenery so enchanting it fits the mood perfectly. My outfit does not really matter, as Alysha said herself. If anyone wants to know, though, the dress is a prize from the Red Seal hunt (previously blogged here and here) and the hair is from the Seasons hunt (ends October 9th). Happy hunting :)


Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Poetic Colors frozen night - medium
Lashes and Eyeliner: B[u]Y Me Lashes & Eyeliner
Hair: Clawtooth One Fine Day - AutumnMix (with leaves) Seasons hunt
Outfit: WAP Design Outfit Urban Red Seal hunt
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Tall Boot (White Patent)
Pose: LAP C-Yup

Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's All In The Background by Nalin

This week Alysha Rennahan suggested the theme "It's All In The Background". A post that is *shock* not about the outfit, but about the scenery. Of course, it's always about the outfit and we're just looking a pretty place to show it off. Today, Nalin is wearing a gorgeous black dress with heels to show off the romantic side of Chakryn Forest. She felt that the trees and rays of sun shining through the forest gives it such a beautiful ambiance, perfect for a wonderful date with a friend or loved one. What better to wear on such a date than a flowing dress and adorable heels?


Skin: Redgrave Chloe pale, smoky
Eyes: ~GRACILE~ "Visionary" Green
Hair: Deviant Kitties Miatch [Red Tips] -- store closed; items only on SL Marketplace
Glasses: primOptic Stilo glasses
Outfit and Necklace: Indie Rose Black Cocktail Dress with Choker
Shoes: *Envy Designs* Zion Shoes
Tattoo: [AvB] Included as part of [AvB] Midnight Call
Ears: Urban Dare Neko Ears with Spikes and Rings
Tail: Urban Dare Furry Tail with Stuffed Kitty
Pose: LAP Teehee

Monday, September 20, 2010


I just won the pretty shoes from G Field. They are orange. I love this color. And it just so happens that today is the bonus color day on orange :) See Alysha's blog for details on this week's challenge.


Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Poetic Colors - summer - lavender
Hair: .:MINA:. Hairfashion - Lotte - Red Orange
Shoes: G Field *GF* Square-toe Shoes "Sophie" -autumn leaf- lucky board(*group members only, ::petit pas:: )
Dress: = Hal*Hina = [orange] W0510*M
Poses: LAP Barbie10, Darling Girl

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wacky & Wild

I started cleaning my inventory and I am really not good at that. Instead I found myself trying funny stuff from my virtual closet. I found the Pebbles hair from Magika. The Barbie tee seemed to match quite perfect to this week's theme "Wacky & Wild". If you want to see the other looks on this theme, you should definitely check Alysha's blog.


Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Poetic Colors - summer - lavender
Hair: Magika Hair Pebbles - Brown B
Shoes: G Field Slingback Shoes -holiday red rose-
Top: ElectroCUTE! Barbie Bitch Tee
Jeans: Aleida Gulu Capri - dark black
Earrings: *Caylin's* Rubik's Cube Earring free
Pandas: Pink Fuel Angel + Devil Pandas
Poses: LAP Fierce Carrie, Barbie 10

Wacky & Wild by Nalin

For this week, Wacky & Wild was the theme, putting together the wildest outfit or combination of clothes possible. I did not realize what sort of wacky Nalin would put together, but she delivered! From fancy hair straight from the Hair Fair, a tail with its own stuffed kitty perched on the top, and some wonderful Pikachu slippers, fun and wacky cannot begin to describe this outfit.


Skin: Redgrave Chloe pale, smoky
Eyes: ~GRACILE~ "Visionary" Green
Hair: Miamai Anabae PepperRed (from HairFair)
Glasses: caLLie cLine Red Baby Sunglasses included as part of Callie Cline Red Baby Swimsuit
Necklace: Duke Designs (SL Marketplace items by fabienduke Diglot) Peace and Love necklace
Shoes: Pikachu Slippers by Miki Kato
Upper Tattoo: [AvB] Included as part of [AvB] Midnight Call
Leg Tattoo: ::::IrUrU:::: Cat Paws tattoo
Tail: Urban Dare Furry Tail with Stuffed Kitty
Top: OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Design Conspiracy Tank
Skirt: Luck Inc *Linc* Low Rise Mini Jeans Skirt Checkers Rainbow
Poses: LAP C-Whut, Darling Girl

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Red seal hunt

Some prezzies from Di's Opera, Raspberry Aristocrat, {JUNK}, Sand&Sea, Fellini Couture, Beatnik, Noirilicious and Caprice at the Red Seal Hunt. Starting location here.


Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Di's Opera - Red seal hunt eyes hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat Jess hair brown cocoa hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Shoes: W.i.s.h. elegance heels green jade
Bag: chuculet maya bag fat green
Necklace: chuculet necklace light green
Earrings: {JUNK} jade inlay hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Dress: Sand&Sea Vines hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Poses: Ks2cool Pose62-70, Pose63-70 by Karla Scorbal


Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Di's Opera - Red seal hunt eyes hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat Jess hair brown cocoa hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Earrings: G Field pearl rose earrings
Dress: Fellini Couture Divine Gown hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Pose: Di's Opera pose 2 hunt gift Red Seal hunt


Skin: Laqroki
Eyes: Di's Opera - Red seal hunt eyes hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Hair: Raspberry Aristocrat Jess hair brown cocoa hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Shoes: Beatnik bz ballets hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Jewelry: Moxie Polanos mp candycorn set bracelet and earings
Top: Caprice teal dotted double tank hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Pants: Noirilicious rue hunt leggings hunt gift Red Seal hunt
Pose: Di's Opera pose 1 hunt gift Red Seal hunt

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Red seal hunt starts today!

Do you want to be chic? Try the absolutely fabulous scarfs from {Zeery}. These, along with several other goodies are prizes at Vive la Rue - The Red Seal Hunt (16 September-4 October). The prizes are hidden in white envelopes sealed with red wax. Check out the hint list. You will find prizes from barnesworth anubis, {Zeery} Color Couture, Di's Opera, I s2 Posey, *Reale*, Indyra Originals, *ICING*, Raspberry Aristocrat, Calico Ingmann Creations and many others.
Oh and, don't forget to have fun!

Model: Annomis DeVaux
Photographer: Corina Carlberg


Skin: RazzaNova Skins Brigitte -telenovela September group gift

Eyes: Di's Opera - Red seal hunt eyes hunt gift Red Seal hunt

Hair: Exile Bianca -free gift Hair fair 2010

Hat: Indyra Fedora du Gaulle -black hunt gift Red Seal hunt

Earrings:*Milady's* star rain black earings

Shoes: Afantasy Mistress color change pumps

Scarf: Zeery Silk sun scarf- the red seal hunt edition and the silk sun hand scarf
- hunt gift Red Seal hunt

Top: Insomnia robby shirt black

Jeans: Insomnia Rocksy pant

Pose: *VAGO* Sunday Morning 5, mela's happy b-day Juicy! 02

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Velvetrythms and Milady's NightVeil

I logged in with a really cute dress from Velvetrythms from the Midnight Mania. I remembered I had the Night Veil jewelry set from Milady's for some time now and I put it on. It was a perfect match. The sandals have little roses just like the jewelry and you can change the metal. The set consists of a necklace, matching earrings and bracelet, as well as a belt. If you join Milady's group, you will get 20% discount on all your purchases.
Taxi to Milady's


Skin: Laqroki

Eyes: Poetic Colors - summer - lavender

Hair: Hair Influence Ever

Dress: Velvetrythms Middles Forever Midnight Mania prize

Jewelry: *Milady's* -Night Veil- set R

Shoes: *Milady's* -Night Veil- Extra High Heel Sandals R

Poses: LAP C-Excuse You, Diva
R-Promotional Copies

Monday, September 13, 2010

Because I like pink

I love pink! Today I am showing a cute dress from Has Been, which isn't exactly pink, but coral. The dress has two skirt styles, one sculpted and one flexi. I don't usually wear sculpted skirts, but this looks really good on my avatar. The dress comes in several color combinations and is discounted at $50L per color through September 16. The hair is from Hazzard and can be worn with or without jewelry.


Skin: Laqroki

Eyes: Poetic Colors - summer - lavender

Hair: Hazzard Scream dirtyblond

Dress: Has Been Vivacious coral R

Shoes: *Milady's* -Aethra- Wedge Heels Open Shoe White

Poses: fireflies03, Reel Expression Runway
R-Promotional Copies


With fall knocking on our door, it's time to change wardrobe. A warm shawl for those cold days is a must. Annomis is wearing a beautiful one from a store called {Zeery}. The vivid colors give a little something to the outfit. This particular shawl is a prize at the International Affair hunt (ends on September 30th) and if you want to do the hunt, you should know you are searching for stamps. Check out the official blog of the hunt for more details.


Skin: Laqroki

Eyes: Poetic Colors night rain

Hair: Analog Dog Tillie cinnamon

Shoes: Pretties by JB- bubble fun

Shawl: Zeery color couture-native textile shawl Ecuador- hunt gift International Affair hunt

Blouse: aDiva part of Kiran outfit

Jacket and jeans: aDiva part of Cazzi outfit

Pose: LAP Fierce Carrie

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gone, but not forgotten by Nalin

This is the last post in the series "Gone, but not forgotten" blogger challenge. Nalin Nungesser is a very good friend of mine, whom I had met about a year ago during a hunt. It was a long hunt, allowing us both to chat and get to know each other very well. We recently reconnected on Plurk, so now we are friends on SL as well as Plurk. She's a very pretty and intelligent kitten, but for this outfit she is showing off her sassy side :)


Skin: Redgrave Chloe pale, smoky

Eyes: ~GRACILE~ "Visionary" Green

Hair: ETD Resilent Reds II Pack Scarlet (store closed)

Shoes: Boots included as part of Last Call Milena (store closed)

Glasses: primOptic Stilo glasses

Tattoo: [AvB] Included as part of [AvB] Midnight Call

Ears and Tail: Sn@tch Tabby Fluffy Kitteh Tail and Kitteh Earz included as part of Sn@tch Catnip & Cabarnet

Outfit: Last Call Britney (store closed)

Poses: LAP Fechin Model PR4, Diva

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gone, but not forgotten

I really wanted to do a post for the blogger challenge "Gone, but not forgotten". I didn't have to search my inventory too much. I could tell right away I am going to wear Last Call, ETD, Random Calliope creations and ~flirt~. If you have seen these a lot, it's because they are never going to be outdated. Yelena is an outfit I bought after reading a blog post by Melanie Kidd back in 2008. The hair is none other than Elika II from ETD. The necklace and earrings are a set made by Random Calliope. Some of you probably remember the hunts at Ode. Good times. The bracelet is from ~flirt~ and sadly, the store is gone and the creator's profile no longer appears in search.
Thanks to Alysha Rennahan for bringing back so many good memories with this challenge.


Skin: Laqroki

Eyes: Poetic Colors

Hair: ETD Elika II natural pack Copper (store closed)

Outfit: Last Call Yelena olivine (store closed)

Jewelry: Little Jimmy Brown set by Random Calliope (store closed)

Bangle: ~flirt~ Bloom Right Bangle:Jasper/Bronze (store closed)

Poses: LAP C-Cuteness, C-Hush

Here is a closeup of the Little Jimmy Brown set.

Gone, but not forgotten by Annomis

For the second blogger challenge theme "Gone, but not forgotten", I asked Annomis to come up with something. She always does. While browsing her inventory she found a cute outfit from 2006 created by Saracidal Loonie... and she exhaled and said "Wow this one was one of my favorite outfits, I used to wear it for weeks after I picked it up from a lucky chair...". The hair is from Amrita and the shop seems to be closed. We used to say she looks like an actress wearing that hair but... I really don't remember the name of the actress. Hope you like it too! :)


Skin: Laqroki Aline

Eyes: Showgirl Bodydesign-Crystal reflection dark brown eyes (creator Laila Malibu)

Hair: Amrita-Freyia blond (creator Atsuki Kayo)

Shoes: (A.N)- sandals silver glitter (creator Star McLuhan)

Clothing: Saracidal-jeans dream (creator Saracidal Loonie)

Jewelry: Spica Sapphire set

Bangle(left): Cailyn's retro skyscraper bangle

Poses: LAP C-Now Lean Back, Tingle

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oldies but goodies

Alysha Rennahan challenged bloggers to post only items that are at least one year old, if not older. The theme "Oldies but goodies" runs this week only. She suggested other themes for the whole month. Check her blog for more details!
Not only have I put an outfit together, but have asked two friends to join me, Annomis and Mara. We hope you like it!


Skin: Laqroki Tasha

Eyes: Poetic Colors easter lilac-past freebie

Hair: CaTwA -poonytails -honey

Shoes: KA Designs(Dekade) Maika

Sweater: Temptation feerie hood coat knit black

Top: SK designs part of desmera outfit

Pants: SK designs part of adrenaline outfit

Poses: LAP Fechin Model PR4, Diva


Skin: [ROCKBERRY] Uma Group Gift Tan

Bodyoil: Nyoko's Bodyoil

Eyes: Redgrave Eyes Moon -PythonGreen-

Hair: Truth Berri Espresso

Earrings: noir*lily jewelry Therapy Earrings

Piercing: Custom iNKZ Kiss Me Tattoo

Ring: Beloved Jewelry Forever Engagement Wedding Ring

Dress and shoes: Silk Dreams Bouquet

Pose: LAP Diva

Skin: Laqroki Carina portrait skin

Eyes: Poetic Colors summer lavender

Hair: Tricolore Ameria -Honey, Philotic Energy Micha Coffee - I couldn't decide on the hair so you get to see me twice :)

Shoes: Perse Serenity silverwhite shoes (Aphrodite Outlander)

Bangles: Baubles Boho Jewelry Ghost Hunt Bangle Bracelet from Love Chic

Outfit: Nyte'N'Day Pure

Poses: LAP Diva, Cuteness