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Friday, March 11, 2011

Let There Be Spring

I wish spring was here already! Trying to tempt it with a pretty dress from VEXTRA FASHION, and as always, the design is perfect.


The cute top and both poses are from [ILAYA] and are now available at discounted price at .::BeautyCode::. Designer Circle.



Skin: -Glam Affair- Mary -Green- Tan- E/Bl/A group gift (Aida Ewing)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: Mina HairFashion Janna Depraved hunt gift women (Mina Nakamura)
Jewelry pic#1: Milady's -RE- Platinum/Gold set v2.0 (Luana Juliesse)
Necklace pic#2: Milady's -Sparkle- Silver Necklace v2.0 free (Luana Juliesse)
Earrings pic#2: Milady's -Sparkle- Silver Earrings v2.0 (Luana Juliesse)
Bracelets pic#2: Milady's -Resonance- Onyx Bracelet with White Pearls R (Luana Juliesse)
Dress pic#1: VEXTRA FASHION - "Margarita" Halter Dress - Blue R (Vextra Messing)
Top pic#2: [ILAYA] - Hang Top [Baby] 2 Style Designer Circle, 60L$ (Ilaya Allen)
Poses: [ILAYA] Girl Pose 4, 5 Designer Circle, 60L$ (Ilaya Allen)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
Location: Eebus Lost Village
R-Promotional Copies


  1. OMG a dress again! You look so pretty! Love that cute top and short hair too!

  2. I know! And all the time I was thinking what will Lisa say, cause I'm wearing a dress AGAIN! :P