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Sunday, August 21, 2011

This Time

Moniq told me to start blogging again. So here I am! The point of blogging is to make an outfit right? Right?! Well I am all dressed up yet stuck at the choice of nails! How can I possibly select between so many options when I have the new nails from je suis. Five per color group! Metallic or french! Seriously now, should I pick the metallic version in purple?

blog julia metallic

Or maybe the french ones in blue?

blog julia french

And please, don't tell me you'd pick photo no#1 just because of the cleavage. Speaking of which, you should totally check out HUIT's new skin release. Or the Tiger makeup! I just love the dramatic effect it gives to the eyes. I am wearing it ever since I got it :P The hair I am wearing is offered by Mina Nakamura and is only available at the Headquarter, for a special price.

Skin: HUIT Skin-GinaDeeptan-LightEyebrows, Skin-GinaDeeptan-LightEyebrows with Cleavage(HB) new (Mikoto Lisa)
Makeup: HUIT Eyeliner TigerPurple new (Mikoto Lisa)
Hairbase: DUTCH TOUCH Hairbase V2 Black - SL2.0 Tattoo Layer (Iki Ikarus)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: MINA Hair Aislinn - Charcoal new (Mina Nakamura) @ Headquarter
Nails: je suis naive Nails v.2::BASIC NAILS , je suis...naive v.2 METALLIC purples HUD, je suis...naive v.2 GLOSSY FRENCH I blues HUD new (Julia Merosi)
Necklace: je suis une princesse::Necklace (Julia Merosi)
Dress: Aggressione coming soon (Corina Carlberg)
Windlight setting: StrawberrySLShadows by Strawberry Singh
Song of the moment: This Time by Pia Toscano


  1. Lovely pics Corina, and welcome back! hugsss

  2. better late than never (that's me seeing your post). and yes, it's a tough choice. and i'm not the kind that's impressed by a cleavage lol
    oh, and i loved that "coming soon" part. is it soon yet? :)