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Saturday, September 25, 2010

It's All In The Background by Nalin

This week Alysha Rennahan suggested the theme "It's All In The Background". A post that is *shock* not about the outfit, but about the scenery. Of course, it's always about the outfit and we're just looking a pretty place to show it off. Today, Nalin is wearing a gorgeous black dress with heels to show off the romantic side of Chakryn Forest. She felt that the trees and rays of sun shining through the forest gives it such a beautiful ambiance, perfect for a wonderful date with a friend or loved one. What better to wear on such a date than a flowing dress and adorable heels?


Skin: Redgrave Chloe pale, smoky
Eyes: ~GRACILE~ "Visionary" Green
Hair: Deviant Kitties Miatch [Red Tips] -- store closed; items only on SL Marketplace
Glasses: primOptic Stilo glasses
Outfit and Necklace: Indie Rose Black Cocktail Dress with Choker
Shoes: *Envy Designs* Zion Shoes
Tattoo: [AvB] Included as part of [AvB] Midnight Call
Ears: Urban Dare Neko Ears with Spikes and Rings
Tail: Urban Dare Furry Tail with Stuffed Kitty
Pose: LAP Teehee

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