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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gone, but not forgotten by Nalin

This is the last post in the series "Gone, but not forgotten" blogger challenge. Nalin Nungesser is a very good friend of mine, whom I had met about a year ago during a hunt. It was a long hunt, allowing us both to chat and get to know each other very well. We recently reconnected on Plurk, so now we are friends on SL as well as Plurk. She's a very pretty and intelligent kitten, but for this outfit she is showing off her sassy side :)


Skin: Redgrave Chloe pale, smoky

Eyes: ~GRACILE~ "Visionary" Green

Hair: ETD Resilent Reds II Pack Scarlet (store closed)

Shoes: Boots included as part of Last Call Milena (store closed)

Glasses: primOptic Stilo glasses

Tattoo: [AvB] Included as part of [AvB] Midnight Call

Ears and Tail: Sn@tch Tabby Fluffy Kitteh Tail and Kitteh Earz included as part of Sn@tch Catnip & Cabarnet

Outfit: Last Call Britney (store closed)

Poses: LAP Fechin Model PR4, Diva

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