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Saturday, October 16, 2010

In his clothes by Nalin

This theme for this week was suggested by our lovely Alysha Rennahan. The idea is to dip into the opposite sex's closet, and wear something that would normally be worn by that gender. Today, Nalin is sporting a casual men's outfit. Perhaps *she* is going jogging or to the gym on a warm summer day, iPod wrapped around the upper arm to listen to music. Showing off her muscular chest through the white tank, the black sneakers flicking back and forth, as she receives her fair share of glances and gazes from other girls in their athletic tops and shorts. Complete with red spiked hair, you can't help but admit Nalin the kitten looks wonderful in guys' clothes :)


Skin: Redgrave Chloe pale, smoky
Eyes: Sn@tch Soulful Eyes (Green)
Hair: Black Maria +BM+ PuNk hair_H038_Red-Dark
Outfit (including glasses): :SZD: Distraction
Necklace: XOPH Pentagram Necklace
Shoes: **AKATSUKI** ATK Leather Shoes Black
Tattoo: [AvB] Included as part of [AvB] Midnight Call
Ears: Urban Dare Neko Ears with Spikes and Rings
Tail: Urban Dare Furry Tail with Bow
Pose: Long Awkward Pose Cuteness, Barbie18 PR4

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