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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just Red

Luna Jubilee's color challenge is now onto red. I happened to find a red dress in my inventory, and because I skipped black last week, here I am. The dress is from Vero Modero, having a sale and some group gifts until February 14.
Please check Mara's Valentine's outfit, which of course, is also red. It's way sexier than mine :P Happy Valentine's Day :)

Vero Modero


Skin: Belleza Erika Med, past group gift
Eyes: Milady's Blue Eyes custom made
Hair: Hazzard -Infaillible- Blonde Hair with Red Stripes v2.0
Shoes: Milady's -Scent of a Rose- Red Shoes
Dress: VERO MODERO Butterfly Gown Red R
Pose: [ImpEle] Style - 03 from the pack [ImpEle] Style Poses Marketplace
R-Promotional Copies


  1. As I watch the Pre Grammy (red carpet) styles come in, I cant help but think, you would sooo blend! =) Beautiful gown

  2. OMG I can't believe you're actually wearing a gown!!!! And a sexy one too! Wooooot!!!!!

  3. I know Lisa *shocking* And it's a LONG dress :P Thank you so much Laila :)

  4. Very chic, very glam, very teasing in that sheer lacy material... Love it

  5. would have been too hard to resist such a gown anyway, I guess ;-) ... awesome