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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cutie lipstick at HUIT

After seeing the Chloe skin with makeup and cleavage add-ons from HUIT, I fully expected there will be lipstick and I wasn't wrong. The line is called Lipsticks-CUTIE and it's cute alright. Each color is 50 L$ and the 7 color pack is 300 L$. Don't forget there is one color in the luckyboard, just activate group tag.
Here's your taxi to HUIT.

HUIT lipstick


Skin: Belleza Erika Med, past group gift
Eyes: Milady's Blue Eyes custom made
Lipstick: HUIT HUIT~LIPSTICK~CUTIE01~07, *LB*HUIT~LIPSTICK~CUTIE (GroupOnly, 5minutes)
Hair: Hazzard -Blossom- Blonde Hair
Pose: [ImpEle] Style - 01 from the pack [ImpEle] Style Poses sold on Marketplace just 15L$