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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Biker Girl

I certainly do not get a chance to dress up in biker clothes nor to ride a bike! So just because here in SecondLife I can do that, here's the biker girl in me :) The outfit is a hunt gift from INDI Designs in the With Love hunt. The biker boots and the belts from Milady's were perfect to spice up things a little ;) Or a little more :P

Biker girl

INDI Designs Milady's


Skin: Laqroki
Makeup: Musa Make-up Salon Gift September (subscribeo)
Eyes: Poetic Colors frozen night - medium
Eyelashes: je suis false lashes No. 001
Glasses: je suis sunglasses aviateur color/metal change
Necklace: Twisted&Spoiled Short Necklace w/ cross, black gems
Belly pierce: Milady's -Scorpio- Onyx Belly Pierce v2.0
Collar and arm belts: Milady's -Buckles- Leather Set [Collar and Arm Belts]
Leg buckle: Milady's -Buckles- Leg Belt L v2.0
Hair: ChiChickie! Damian & Damiana - Brunettes pack (worn mocha) 10L sale
Boots: Milady's -The Chosen- Ladies
Outfit: INDI Designs With Love hunt
HUD for poses: VEXTRA FASHION ANI-mate Pose HUD 1.05
Pose: Long Awkward Pose M-CM-Pwned With Love hunt
Location: MotorWorld, INDI Designs

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