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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beauty Is in The Eye of The Beholder

I don't know who would wear latex at the beach, but in Second Life anything is possible. I'm wearing the latest release of Vextra Fashion, again, in red, because I like this color a lot. The wild hair from Hazzard was a keeper for the latex costume. The roses on my arm and mouth bring that "je ne sais quoi". They are newly released by Julia Merosi of je suis. The earrings, also new, are available only at je suis @ Rodeo Drive. I hope you like my shadows :P

Vextra Fashion and je suis


Skin: Exodi Isolde Soleil 18 Dk/C
Hairbase: Exodi Exodi Hair Base - Brown (v2 Compatible)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - summer - blue blue sky (m)
Eyelashes: je suis false lashes No. 001
Hair: Hazzard -Aruba- Rusty Black Hair v2.0, MM prize
Roses: je suis comme une rose (arm and mouth) New release, R
Earrings: je suis @ Rodeo Drive une princesse creoles New release, R
Bracelets: je suis une princesse bracelets
Outfit: VEXTRA FASHION *VEXED LATEX* "Urge" - Red New release, R
HUD for poses: VEXTRA FASHION ANI-mate Pose HUD 1.05
Poses: ks2cool pose70-70, Posies Chelsea Tall (past subscribeo gift)
Location: Mina Hairfashion


  1. Hey the shadows are GREAT! And that latex is lip-smacking yummmmmmm! hehe

  2. Sometimes it takes a beautiful blogger to show me what I've made :) You look incredible! <3

  3. Thank you guys so much <3 So many awesome comments, I must have made something good *goes and read her own post*